A trustee is responsible for helping persons experiencing financial distress in their township only through Township Assistance. Applicants are required to complete an application for assistance and schedule an appointment to discuss such need. Once the application and interview is complete, a thorough investigation is conducted and when found eligible, assists in the most economical means available.

A person or family is in need if there is not enough income or resources to provide the basic necessities of life. Necessities of life include: food, shelter, essential utilities, medical needs, household supplies, and clothing.

If you’re a resident of Fall Creek Township and need assistance, Township Assistance Application packets are available in the Township Office or you can download the Township Assistance Application and Document Verification form on this site. Call the office at 317-841-3180 to schedule an appointment.



In August, prepares and submits annual budget to board for approval. Annual report is submitted to board in January of each year.  Link to Gateway online dashboard is here:

Fire Protection

Provides fire protection for the township.


Burial Assistance is available when no other means of payment are available.

Cemetery Maintenance

Provides and maintains cemeteries within the township.

Weed Control

Charged with destroying detrimental weeds within township.

Fence Disputes

Resolves placement and maintenance disputes between landowners.


Notary available at no charge. Please call office to make an appointment for Notary services.